Therapeutic carries various options for walkers and walking aids. From folding to non-folding options, different rollators and seat options, you can choose what works best for you.

Walker Walking aid

Walking Aids - Walkers

Therapeutic Express has an array of walkers as walking aids to improve stability as well as balance. There are a large variety of walkers available for customers who require assistance with their mobility in the short term or for longer time frame. Our team understands that some walking aids are used only for temporary use, which is why we offer walkers at affordable pricing.

During rehabilitation or over a passage of time, a person may progress from one type of walker to another as their strength increases and they need less support. Walkers can be beneficial for:

  • People who experience joint pain due to an injury, illness or auto immune disease.
  • People with injuries on one or both legs where the person should reduce the weight that bears on that injury, such as severe sprains, fractures, or following surgery or amputation.
  • People with decreased balance due to general debility, illness or injury.

The choice of walker depends on the person, their mobility range, their fitness, and their condition. The right choice and fitting of walking aids is best done by our qualified team professionals.

Walker styles and Designs

There are many different styles and designs of walkers available at Therapeutic Express. From lightweight, different style rollators and transport chair that comes with padded seat, options for backrest, ergonomic handgrips, easier brake access and footrests, folding options and more.

Booking Appointments with Therapeutic Express

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