At Therapeutic, we believe that neither insurance coverage nor financial disposition should dictate whether our patients obtain quality products. We are happy to provide crutches as walking aid to our customers. These products are great for patients requiring support while recovering from an injury. We carry a variety of crutches for all age groups.

crutches Edmonton

Crutches in Edmonton

One of the most common Mobility aid required for injuries are crutches. If you are in need of crutches to recover from a temporary injury, Therapeutic Express has the products to support you with your mobility. We carry a wide array of Crutches. We have a variety of crutch sizes, and have a multitude of colours and styles to match anyone’s tastes. Our trained professionals on staff are available to ensure you understand the proper use of your crutch. Crutches also provide excellent bilateral support for people who may have tough time maintaining balance and stability. A certain amount of skill is required in order to use crutches safely.

crutches Edmonton
Crutch Material and Sizes

Crutches can be in wood or aluminum. However, over the past few years, aluminum crutches have become more popular since they are lighter than wood. The standard aluminum crutch provides stability as well as durability. At Therapeutic Express we have crutches available in youth, standard and tall sizes. There are a few types of crutches. They are

  • Axillary crutches –These are underarm crutches that are made from wood or aluminium.
  • Forearm crutches – These are also called elbow or “Canadian” crutches.
  • Arthritic crutches – These are also called “gutter” crutches.

Booking Appointments with Therapeutic Express

No formal referral is necessary for Therapeutic Express. Simply call us and ask to book an appointment.