Resistance Bands

Each patient assessment begins with gathering detailed information by our professional team members. We carry an array of resistance bands that are suitable for exercise, physical therapy, injury rehabilitation or workouts.

Resistance Band Edmonton

Resistance Bands for Injury Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy

Resistance bands, often called strength bands provide a way to help improve your strength and perform better after an injury. Resistance bands can be used for warm up, stretching as well as recovery. Whether you are looking to train for sports, fitness, body shaping, weight loss, physical therapy or injury rehabilitation, resistance bands can help drastically. At Therapeutic Express, we carry premium grade rubber with the highest quality finish that can withstand any level of workout.

If you are looking to shape your body or lose weight, these resistance bands can help build muscle, tone and sculpt. If you are suffering from injury and looking for physical therapy or rehabilitation, our professional team members can help you choose the right equipment. These are safer and effective in any workout. Bands also offer convenience whether you are at home, gym or hotel room!

Resistance Bands

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