Canes come in various sizes, styles and materials to aid with mobility. Whether you are suffering from an injury or just a senior looking for mobility aid, we have it all for you.

Cane Edmonton

Canes as Mobility Aids

If you are suffering from an injury or senior looking for mobility aid, worry no more. We have you covered. At therapeutic Express, we carry a variety of canes, with different tips and materials to help you get an equipment that is more comfortable and suitable for you.

Straight Cane

Straight Cane works best for people who are comfortable using hand with balance while walking. This type of cane offers the right amount of stability and support. The handle is very comfortable with a cushioned grip that helps absorb shocks, and is most suitable for those with arthritis. It is built for longevity using ultra-durable lightweight anodized aluminum. These type of canes are available with some colour options.

Straight cane
Quad Cane
Quad Cane

Quad Cane, as the name suggests, has a four point base. The base combined with offset handle offers additional stability and support. This is available in different colours and base sizes as well.

Off-Set Cane

Offset Canes, as the name suggests, come with a “J”-shaped handle. These are designed to offer balance support with comfort, which is ideal if you have wrist problems and are unable to hold the cane with a firm grip. This type of cane helps a person distribute their body weight over the cane’s shaft for greater comfort.

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