What Is A Chiropodist Foot Specialist?

A Chiropodist Foot Specialist is a regulated medical professional with extensive post-graduate training in lower limb biomechanics, dermatology, infectious diseases and diabetic wound care. Chiropody is a branch of medical science that involves the assessment and management of foot and lower limb disorders, injuries, diseases and infections.

Services That A Chiropodist Foot Specialist Provides

The following services can be provided by our Chiropodist Foot Specialist – for both adults and children:

The Process For A Chiropodist Foot Specialist

Your Chiropodist Foot Specialist will develop an individualized treatment plan to best treat your specific condition. He/she may recommend products such as emollients, dressings, felt pads or silicone devices and will provide you with information and education on how these treatments will work for you.

Booking Appointments with a Chiropodist Foot Specialist

No formal referral is necessary to see a Chiropodist Foot Specialist. Simply call one of our participating clinics (listed below) and ask to book an appointment for “Chiropody Services”.